THE ICONIC Riviera Hotel in Weymouth has been put on the market with a £5.5m price tag.

The historic Grade II-listed hotel, based at Bowleaze Cove, is a landmark feature, built in a distinctive Spanish style - and

Constructed in 1937 by L Stewart Smith using reinforced concrete, the 98-bedroom hotel has had several owners over the years, including holiday camp owner Fred Pontin and Saudi Arabian investors. It has also undergone a number of renovations - the most recent being in 2018.

During the first national lockdown, the Riviera Hotel hosted a number of rough sleepers and homeless people and assisted local charity Bus Shelter Dorset.

Dorset Echo: Aerial view of the Riviera Hotel at Bowleaze.Aerial view of the Riviera Hotel at Bowleaze.

The distinctive white and blue hotel had reopened to tourists in July before closing down again during the second national lockdown.

The freehold of the 25,000sq ft hotel is now for sale for £5.5 million.

An online property listing highlights the hotel’s “stunning” views of Bowleaze Cove and Weymouth Bay.

The site features a restaurant, function space for corporate events, special events, weddings and entertainment as well as gym, fitness centre and car park. There is also a private swimming pool with a sauna and a large outdoor pool.

The accommodation is based in an ideal location overlooking the scenic Dorset coast and is situated nearly three miles from Weymouth town centre and eight miles from Portland.

Rolf East adds that the total land plot of 30,000 square metres could be further developed to enhance the hotel and overall site if planning permission is granted.

Dorset Echo: The hotel pictured in the 1940sThe hotel pictured in the 1940s

The Riviera has had a varied history, having served as a wartime hospital by American Forces during the Second World War as well as a holiday camp and hotel.

It was also used as an evacuation centre for Portlanders following the discovery of an unexploded bomb on the island in 1995.

The property became a listed building in January 1997 as Historic England described the property as “epitomising the austere approach of the modernists in the immediate pre-war era, and suggests the designer's acquaintance with contemporary work in Rome and elsewhere.”

Claudia Webb from Weymouth BID said: "We Are Weymouth would be pleased to see a successful sale of this iconic hotel that has so many natural advantages and some recently renovated facilities.

"It would be a plus if the buyer was based locally to give the hotel and staff the time and attention that they deserve."

More information can be found online on Rolf East’s website through this link. Anyone who wants to arrange a view of the property, either online or in person, can do this online or call 01935 814929.