Quote from Dorset Echo letter by Giles Frampton, Director of Powerfuel 15.11.20 “Once the Powerfuel ERF becomes available, Canford and other locations will be able to produce more RDF with the confidence that it would have a local energy recovery route.”

This statement makes absolutely clear that the proposed 202,000 tonnes per year Incinerator does not arise from a clear need for it, on the contrary once it will be in place it will generate a drive for more waste to be produced with confidence because IT requires it.

Significantly it states this offer for overproduction of waste not to be open to Canford alone, but to other locations as well. In other words as the ERF becomes available it will accept waste from wherever, because it will have to.

The proposed ERF “puts the cart before the horse” and a configuration like that is totally without purpose, particularly when it comes to something as serious as waste.

In these desperate times the absolutely last thing we need is this massive incentive to produce more waste and certainly nobody could feel confident with doing so.

This proposed incinerator is not needed, it is made up in the certain knowledge that with it more waste will need to be produced.

The Director of Powerfuel says so.