Richard Drax (Column 20 Nov) displays his usual absence of insight and political acumen, leaping to support the ill-judged comments from the Prime Minister on Devolution, which the PM is now backtracking on.

I infer that Drax is against Devolution and Scottish Independence.

However, his labelling of the Scots as oversubsidised, bureaucratic incompetents who shouldn’t be allowed to decide their own future, is precisely the arrogant imperialistic sentiment which understandably drives the Scots to seek escape from the southeast dominated interests of the current government.

Drax is happy to ride a wave of nationalism, trumpeting “freedom” and “taking back control” when it supports his own hard Brexit agenda, but is not so keen when others use these misguided arguments.

I detect an unpleasant whiff of hypocrisy, and his views on the “incompetence” of the devolved governments (which, I grant, are not working particularly effectively) would have more weight if the current Westminster government was displaying at least a few elements of competence or the slightest indication that they have any interest in, or could serve the regions more effectively.

I hope the United Kingdom remains united. I think our common history, culture and values are the things that bind us and make us stronger together, and should not be shattered by short term political differences or blinkered nationalism exacerbated by Drax and his ilk.

This needs the arguments for unity to be made, not the divisive condescension displayed by Richard Drax!