A LORRY almost drove an unmarked police car off the road with a risky overtaking manoeuvre.

A spokesman for Dorset Police's No Excuse team said: "This artic lorry attempted to overtake a vehicle by pulling out to the outside lane.

"What he didn’t see was the unmarked police vehicle, nearly sending us into the central reservation, inches from its wheels.

"The artic lorry managed to just avoid us swinging back into the inside lane.

"The 30-year-old driver from Shepton Mallet received a ticket for driving without due care and attention.

"The driver was very apologetic, admitting there was no need for a vehicle of this size to be overtaking on this stretch of road when already travelling at 35-40mph, when actually he was going straight on at the roundabout towards Longham and needed to be back in the inside lane."