Portland Port boss Bill Reeves’ comments and Jeremy Pope’s letter “Economic boost” contain statements that need addressing.

In my opinion, they are supporting a fallacy and neglecting the fact that Climate Change is much more serious now than it was in 1984!

I quote from ‘Energy Justice Network’: “Debunking EPA Misinformation - Trash incineration is incredibly bad for the climate, releasing 2.5 times as much CO2 to make the same amount of electricity as a coal power plant.

“This is evidenced by national data compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their eGRID database.”

It should be clear to anyone that turning carbon which is a composite ingredient of landfill waste into CO 2 by burning it is NOT a ‘carbon neutral’ activity.

Last week, I emphasised the importance of establishing the financial truth surrounding this project but Bill Reeves sweeps that aside grandiosely aiming his comments at Portland’s residents.

He tries to demonstrate how both the cruise industry and Portland will benefit economically.

Has it escaped his notice that cruise liner operators are under enormous pressure to clean up their emissions and stop polluting the atmosphere in general; not just in Portland?

Does he realise that many ships’ boilers and gas turbines are being converted to burn liquefied natural gas, much cleaner than oil? Does he realise that you can buy natural gas for less than 4 pence/kWh?

Does he realise that huge strides are taking place to use surplus renewable energy to manufacture hydrogen which will undoubtedly be used to fuel ships, homes, heavy goods vehicles, trains, the gas grid etc.?

Much more importantly, they’re already doing so!

Does he know that natural gas and methane can both be efficiently turned into hydrogen, the cleanest fuel on Earth?

Does he think ship owners will resist global pressure and continue burning oil at sea but switch over to much more highly priced non-renewable electricity at Portland just to please him and its workers?

If this doomed project does go ahead through Planning’s complete misjudgement, Giles Frampton, Bill Reeves and Jeremy Pope may ‘carp’, “Didn’t I say this would be great?” for a year or so before it founders and leaves another Titanic monument to autocracy like the one in Dorchester that ignored on-line retail shopping.