THE owners of a cat were horrified after their beloved family pet got caught in an illegal trap.

Police and the RSPCA are investigating after the one-year-old cat, Jordan, was injured after getting its leg caught in the device in a wooded area in Askerswell.

He was found by walkers with the trap still attached to his leg and the alarm was raised.

He was taken to Bredy Veterinary Clinic in Bridport and vets managed to remove the trap but he has been left with a swollen paw and puncture wounds which led to an infection.

Charlene Cooper, Jordan's owner, said: "Luckily Jordan is ok, he has an infection but it could have been a lot worse. He's had a lucky escape.

"I think people need to be made aware of the dangers of these traps.

"It's not just pets and wildlife I'm concerned about. I have a six-year-old who plays in the wooded areas around our village.

"I don't even want to think about what would happen if my daughter got her hand or foot trapped."

She added: "Jordan's now making a full recovery at home with us and my daughter has her best friend back.

"We have been keeping an eye out for more traps but not found any as of yet."

The gin trap that caught Jordan is believed to have been made illegal in the 1950s. The term 'gin trap' typically refers to a mechanical device designed to catch an animal by the leg or head using spring operated jaws.

Mrs Cooper's ex-husband Simon, who alerted the RSPCA, said that a lot of young deer roam around the area Jordan was found so he believes whoever set the trap may have been trying to trap the deer.

He said: “The RSPCA have been great. They have contacted the police and informed them of the trap.

"I said to the RSPCA that we are more worried about the local kids getting injured. They agreed and are now investigating.

"We also have a local neighbourhood watch who are on the case as well.

"We need to find out who is responsible as there are children in the village and it isn't safe for them."

A spokesman for the Bredy Veterinary Clinic wrote: "The cat's injuries could have been much worse. His paw is swollen but he is able to bear weight on his leg. The RSPCA have been informed and are going to investigate."