I just wanted to publicly say thank you to a very kind chap called Steve!

Last Wednesday evening whilst cycling home from work I hit the rough ground half way down the Weymouth side of Ridgeway hill.

I went flying, the bike was pretty mangled and I was lying on the path unable to do much other than stay conscious!

Luckily Steve was out for a cycle - he was amazing! He had tools and worked by torchlight to get the bike into a pushable state.

I managed to get home with significant injuries. I don’t know what I would have done without you Steve - so many, many thanks! Hopefully I’ll see you on the hill again when I’m mended!

Thanks also to my sister - Dawn who answered my SOS as I became very shocked, to all staff in ED at Dorchester and all my work colleagues for their support over recent days.

To all cyclists - my helmet saved me!

Sonia Gamblen