Further to the Right Honourable Richard Drax MP comments Dorset Echo Friday 27 Nov. on Dorset’s coronavirus Tier 2 restriction decision: I find it quite extraordinary that our Dorset MP who for many years served in the armed forces, does not know the difference between “wartime restrictions and the present day Covid 19 restrictions”.

I was born in 1939. I do not remember much of the wartime restrictions at that time but I am sure if my parents and grandparents were still here they would say the difference between wartime restrictions and now is quite simple!

When the German bombers were coming over we had what was called an air raid warning siren and when it was turned on we all ran to our air raid shelters, the simple fact was that we knew where the bombs were coming from.

The Covid 19 virus is invisible!

Our shelter today, is our homes!

Need I say more? So please have some respect for the very difficult job the PM has, taking actions that come from the advice of his medical advisers.

No Government in living memory has had to make such decisions as they are today to protect its citizens, and we all hope that a vaccine is not that far away.

The one thing I do remember of the war years is my mum asking me to go to the small grocery shop with a ration book only to be turned away because there were not enough points to buy the groceries – no food banks in those days.