I understand the desire of many people in this country to regain their sovereignty but am concerned about how this is being interpreted.

We have every right to subsidise our businesses, if we wish, now we are no longer in the EU and so if we wanted to support the manufacture of new electric batteries for cars this would be very positive.

However what has never been recognised is that this is a two way process.

The EU is a trading block with agreed ways of working, and they have every right to say if we do make this subsidy they cannot trade freely with us and would need to impose tariffs to avoid unfair competition.

This has always been the case and the idea that we had an oven ready deal was a repeat of the idea of having our cake and eating it!

On the other difficult issue of 12,000 fishermen preventing an agreement from being reached for 65 million people, then again the issue is quite clear.

If we want to exclude EU fishermen from our waters we are quite free to do so, but then the EU is quite within its rights to impose tariffs on the export of fish from this country and as 90% of fish we catch in our waters goes abroad then there is a need for compromise.

The third hold up in reaching a deal is the bill just passed in parliament which says that although we agreed how to manage the NI border 12 months ago we are now tearing up that agreement.

We are no longer trusted if we say we will do things in certain ways and the EU wants safeguards.

If there is no deal and shortages and increased prices next year this is not the EU’s fault but our own for accepting the misleading promises we were made.


Grays, Southill, Weymouth