We both stood in the May 2019 local elections as we wanted to support local residents and give something back to Weymouth.

While we were unsuccessful we hoped that the Town Council would be a new era as promised by its new leader, Councillor David Harris, who heads the Lib Dem group.

It said in the Dorset Echo on 5th May 2019: “We hope to be operating in a different way than the previous borough council did. We will be more inclusive and will seek to actively involve the community, whether that’s business or charity groups.”

However, seeing what has been happening in the last 18 months, reading the Echo, speaking to local councillors and reading their regular newsletters, we are very concerned about the way it seems to be going. It does not seem the council is consulting the community at all.

Who did they consult with on Auntie Vi’s? Did they speak to local business? Did they speak with the Chamber of Commerce?

Did they take any notice of the large petition?

We were very upset to see our Preston Councillor David Mannings, a member of Councillor Harris’ group, voted for this takeover.

Did he consult with his residents on this matter? Did he consult with local residents when asked about the future of the Neighbourhood Plan for Sutton Poyntz, when he voted not to protect it?

It seems to us that since Cllr Harris administration took over they have been “operating in a different way” to the previous council.

Unfortunately not in the way we had hoped, it seems there has been less consultation, not more.


Preston Road, Weymouth