I read the article in the Dorset Echo regarding the Tourist Information Centre, and it is no wonder that the visitors rates had fallen.

I myself used to visit the centre each time I went in Dorchester town and signed the petition regarding the move to the library.

It was so plain for anyone to see that where the council planned on moving the Information Centre that the visitor rate would drop.

Now that we have so many shops empty in the High Street what a marvellous opportunity there is to replace the Tourist Information Centre in one of the shops, right in the centre of town. People visit the town centre, they do not want to go to the back of the town to see what attractions there are in the area.

Also one used to be able to book railway, theatre and other events tickets, gather leaflets on coach trips and holidays, purchase Dorset food and other items, which visitors often took back home with them. Christmas time there used be a range of charity Christmas cards to purchase.

It used to be a very busy site but lack of vision and foresight has created a problem that need not have been.

It is such a shame that the council do not pay heed to the public for they probably know the situation better than the ones at the council. The Information Centre staff were always so polite and helpful, it was a sad day when they had to move and which has proved to be the wrong decision.

If you agree with me please write and put your feelings regarding this matter to the council.

If my words are listened to it would be very interesting if it took place, to see how the number of visits increased.