Years ago you went to the doctor and came away with a paper prescription, went to the chemist handed it over and waited ten to fifteen minutes and came away with the medication.

Alas not now.

I sent my repeat prescription electronically to my doctors’ surgery on December 7 where they confirmed it and informed me my medication will be ready to collect on the 10th.

The order was sent on the the chemist electronically but not the local shop–it goes to a hub.

On the 11th I rang the chemist to see if the medication was ready but it was not.

As it was urgently needed I gave them my opinion of the service. Later I had a phone call from “the Runcorn hub” to say my medication would be here on Monday 14th.

Why on earth does a request for medication have to go to Runcorn 250 miles from Weymouth and then transport the medication 250 miles presumably by road to Weymouth.?

On a label with a previous order I see a label ‘Assembled by ***** Pharmacy Runcorn’ .

What a crazy world we live in!

I would like to point out this is NOT the fault of the local pharmacy staff or the doctors.

It’s the mad system.

As a 90-plus-year-old codger. Oh for the “good old days”.