On December 2 we were told that the PfizerBioNTech Covid 19 Vaccine had been approved for use in the UK.

A priority scheme was announced and this was followed by various declarations from The Health Secretary that 40 million doses had been purchased, 800,000 were on their way and ‘single numbers of millions’ would arrive before Christmas.

Later we learned that Dorset County Hospital had been included in the 53 ‘Hub Hospitals’. GPs, it was suggested, would be able to begin a vaccination programme a week later. Since then, in Dorset, apart from Josie Klein’s Echo report, we have heard nothing more.

It is extraordinary that none of the medical grandees within the hospital and the county has seen fit to publish any sort of plan, so that people might be given some awareness of when, where, how, by whom, and to whom a vaccination programme will be operated. Not necessarily the detailed dates etc but the general plan.

It has long been recognised that in order to carry people with you, effective leaders keep them informed.

Open communication will offset concerns and worries - and perhaps reduce the number of telephone queries.