Dr Lambert (It’s a burning issue 19th Dec) is absolutely right in condemning biomass boilers.

However, whether that message gets a fair hearing by Dorset Council is debatable.

Council leader Flower, is quoted as having said ‘…..the great work this council has done preparing the climate and ecological emergency strategy’.

Questionable surely; it took about 18 months to produce a multi-page document repeating most of what was already in the public domain and offers little by way of an effective plan of action.

Why would I or any other resident of Dorchester submit any suggestions to Dorset Council on climate change or any other matter? Both WDDC and Dorset Council established for themselves reputations of being quite incapable of listening to any opinions other than their own.

Democratic representation is actively deflected by means of the ‘steel glove of power’ of its exclusively Tory decision-making Cabinet of 7 backed up by 10 Tory ‘Lead Councillors’? What room is there for discussion?

I can picture a world in climate chaos with countless millions dying while he and his cronies twiddle their thumbs in the air-conditioned comfort of a bunker discussing next year’s rates.

Publicity has been given to how the council plans to install a biomass boiler in Dorchester.

If we are to make any difference at all to climate change it has to be by reducing carbon emissions.

When nature turns carbon into wood and stores it away forever, what’s the point of burning it and putting it back into the atmosphere!

Breathing is getting difficult enough now and children are dying! If the £500,000 earmarked for this ridiculous venture was used instead to install 125 domestic size solar panel systems in our town, over their lifetime of 25 years they would generate 9,300 mWh of electricity (9.3 gWh) saving 7,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.