I was unlucky enough to be tested positive for Covid the week before Christmas and have isolated all over Christmas and will be over New Year. I have been one of the lucky ones with very few symptoms and have felt reasonably well and if I hadn’t checked in each day with the Covid-19 App would probably never have known. I had earache and they sent me to the Swannery testing site. How many people would I have passed it on to? How many people could have ended up in hospital because of me? It does not bear thinking about.

I have had support which is second to none, phone call from my GP almost straight away. I send in my temperature, BP, oxygen sats and pulse 3 x a day and have telephone calls of support from people who have worked all over Christmas.

To those people who think it is a hoax - I have met one or two, one lady who gave me a long lecture whilst I was out walking a few weeks ago - I say think again. Think of other people and the long suffering NHS staff, both clinical and administration. Not everyone has been as lucky as me so please protect others and keep your distance, wash your hands and wear masks.

Thank you NHS and every sensible person in the country.

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