Hello readers, Happy New Year to you all.

It’s Emily and William writing at the start of a fresh new year, Tier Three style.

Who’d have guessed we would be saying that, or knew what it meant, this time last year!

For me, the new tier won’t make much impact on our lives. We will both still go to work and can still see our friends on zoom. We’ve not been out to restaurants or shops much anyway so we will just continue being sensible and safe as we were before. We very much hope you had a good Christmas, as best you could.

It wasn’t so different for me (Emily) than last year as we did pretty much the same thing, having my brother and his wife over for lunch. I received lots of nice presents from friends and family, including a lovely bag from William.

For me William, I was with my parents, but it was different as my uncle wasn’t able to join us.

Also, instead of watching TV in the afternoon, I walked up to the sea wall as I wanted to be outside. It also helped stop me from eating lots of snacks inside!

As we enter 2021, it’s clear we will be locked down for a while longer, so we have been thinking about how we can stay keeping safe and healthy.

We will keep walking, try not to eat too many of the chocolates we’ve received over Christmas and continue eating plenty of fruit and vegetable. We have just learned we both love vegetables, especially sprouts, carrots and cabbage.

We hope and wish that whatever 2021 brings, you have a good as year as possible. One thing we look forward to is to bringing you more articles here.

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