How can anyone properly scrutinise a 1,200-plus page EU Deal document that’s only been published the day before with a day’s debate in the Commons and the Lords?!

Inevitably a whole raft of issues have been left unresolved including young peoples’ places at European universities (Erasmus should have been left alone- it was an excellent scheme ), Financial Services, Mutual Security and Data Exchange.

The party political system let us all down. This Tory Government loaded down with its ERG Brexiteers rushed through the legislation in a panic ‘to Take Back Control’ (whatever that over used term means!).

The Keir Starmer Labour Party capitulated to the Tories, despite its members’ grave concerns. The Lib Dems had already decided at their conference to scrap fighting for an immediate return to the European Union, although to be fair their strong presence in the House of Lords spoke up for Europe. It was only Caroline Lucas of the Green Party who covered herself in glory with her pro-European speech in the Commons: but sadly there’s only 1 of her in our desolate electoral system.

But it isn’t just our awful party politics that’s wrong, it is our whole rotten and antiquated political system. The First Past the Post electoral system that produces majorities with a minority of vote share. The only Western democracy without a proper Written Constitution that leaves devolution to the vagaries of party politics, A monarchy that’s clearly well past its sell by date in the 21st Century and a second chamber that should be elected. Any other country would have forsook ‘gradualism’ and had a revolution years ago!

Unlike Boris’s Dad I’ve no intention of settling in France, but like him I’m a passionate European. I’ve every intention of staying in England and helping the coming campaign to help create a tsunami that will sweep this country back into the European Union because staying out will ultimately destroy the good work of the past 5 decades.

That will require all the good people that want back in to come together in a new membership organisation based in communities, with the funds and collective leadership to eventually succeed. This country belongs in Europe. It always has.


Mill Lane, Charminster