Over the years, I have visited Weymouth on many occasions.

As a young lad I enjoyed the lovely sandy beach.

More recently, it is the wonderful harbour and Georgian architecture that I find so delightful.

However, on my last visit I was horrified to see the desecration of part of the town’s historic past, the removal of the railway track that leads to the ferry port.

This track has carried many thousands of troops to European battles and millions of holiday makers from all over the country on their way to the Channel Isles and beyond.

The track may not have been used for many years but with a number of towns now reinstating tram lines that were torn up after WW2, the removal of the track does seem short sighted.

As a district councillor from elsewhere, I can say that such destruction of what is in effect a historic monument would never be tolerated in my part of the world.

It is a sad reflection on Weymouth Town Council that it has so little regard for its outstanding history and so lacking in imagination that it cannot find a use for such an asset as this track.

If Weymouth Council has sufficient taxpayer’s money to be able to destroy heritage, would it not be better to spend that money on renovating some of Weymouth’s grand buildings that are falling into decay.


Bookham, Surrey