Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week, reflecting on how much rain we’ve had in December.

As we write, it’s a dark and wet 30th December, the rain pouring down again outside.

It’s got us thinking about the rain, and how it affects us.

Things we don’t really like includes walking the dogs in the rain. With so much of the ground sodden, it can be really muddy when we go out for walks. We wear different clothes to go out, like a waterproof coat, boots and hat! It’s good though how the rain can help the garden, but not when there’s so much that it squashes the flowers and upsets the plants.

For some people, like children of course, the rain can be fun as they love jumping in puddles and making as much mess as possible.

Then there was Storm Bella, which was something else! Most people in my, Emily’s road, had their fences blown down. We were about the only ones who didn’t.

I, Emily, heard it in the night, as it knocked everything off my windowsill onto the floor because it rattled my blinds so much. I was worried for my neighbours during the night as it sounded so bad. Luckily for me William, I was not worried as I slept right through it!

It is worrying at the moment to see so many fields and rivers flooded. We hope the rain stops soon so it doesn’t rise any more. We also keep wondering if there will be snow, but no sign of that yet. At least today earlier was sunny, and tomorrow looks ok too.

So if you are out, always stay safe and also don’t forget a hat or umbrella because you never know when the rain might suddenly come!

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