A CREATIVE petrol head who transforms camper vans and motor homes for customers across the world has been chosen to showcase his show-stopping design skills on TV.

Self-taught Ricky Good launched Kustom Vans in 2013 to create unique motors for adventurous road users – and his customisations have caught the eye of TV producers.

Dorset Echo:

The father-of-two from Portland had been working as a press assistant at the Dorset Echo in 2012 when he purchased a VW camper van in need of TLC.

“We had had vans before, but I fitted it out with new carpet and windows,” he said.

The van, which he had purchased for £5,000 was sold on for £9,000 following his upgrade – and launched the start of a dream career for Ricky.

Dorset Echo:

He said: “I fell into it a little bit.

“I was working at the time and transformed vans on the side for a while, before deciding in 2013 to do it full time.

“I didn’t have any background in carpentry or design, so I have completely taught myself over the years.

“We do everything with the attitude that we can do this! All of our projects are a labour of love.

“Sometimes people have a rough idea of the sort of things they want and we make it happen, or they come to us with a bare van and let us come up with the designs.”

Dorset Echo:

Since the launch of Kustom Vans, the company has built up a reputation for the quality of its bespoke transformations, customising hundreds of vans and motor homes and getting commissions from across the world - including a van which sold for £60,000 in New Zealand after being spruced up with Ricky’s magic.

Dorset Echo:

His work will now be featured on the Discovery Channel’s Goblin Works Garage, which celebrates the revival of some of the world’s best-known motors with weird, wacky and daring designs.

Presented by adventurer Jimmy De Ville, Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley, the show approached Ricky to transform a Volkswagen Transformer for British motorcycle rider, Maria Costello.

Ricky said: “We had done a project on a van and it turned out that a TV producer on the show ended up buying it.

“The show got in touch and asked us to transform a van for Maria Costello, and the process was filmed.”

The Volkswagon Transporter, which was completely bare when it arrived at Ricky’s Portland garage, has been completely designed with bespoke furniture - but the final design will be kept under wraps until the show airs in March.

The 34-year-old is now looking forward to seeing his design on the small screen.

Kustom Vans is based at Tradecroft Industrial Estate, Wide Street, Portland. For more information visit Kustom Vans on Facebook.