A talented landscape photographer and “highly creative” mother has passed away aged 57 after a battle with kidney cancer.

Sharon Cutler, who was a member of the Dorset Echo and Daily Echo Bournemouth's Camera Club, lived in the Bournemouth and Poole area all her life. She was born in Boscombe Hospital on January 30 1963.

Sharon grew up on Rochester Road and was well-known for bringing her horse to her mum Beryl Cutler’s house and giving rides to the children.

Her childhood was spent walking and camping over the Purbecks, something she carried on throughout her life with her own children.

In her younger years she was also an avid follower of the local ice hockey team and loved to figure skate, ski, and dance.

Later in life, Sharon was an auxiliary Nurse in a care home before working as a dental nurse for 20 years.

She also made jewellery from local stones and beads, which she sold through a stall she called ‘Shore Things’.

Sharon’s youngest daughter, Starr Hawkes said: “She was highly creative and skilled at upcycling, sewing her own fancy-dress costumes and making things for the house.”

Sharon’s creativity also shone through her passion for photography.

She was a member of the Echo Camera Club Dorset and continually wowed its members with her ingenious and beautiful photographs, ranging from a stunning sunset to a series of squirrels eating peanut butter.

Starr said: “Mum was a keen landscape photographer whose art has inspired many people. She used to take us kids to the Jurassic Coast very often and we’d tease her for taking pictures of signposts and rocks on her 3mp phone camera, not knowing we were watching a future master at work.

“Her passion for photography grew and grew and her house was like a gallery to the beautiful Dorset area.”

Sharon had five children; Luke (33), Jodie (32), Laura (27), Starr (23) and Kane (22), along with four grandchildren; Georgina (5), Aimee (2), Harrison (1) and Adelaide (2 months).

Starr said: “Mum was extremely selfless, adventurous, always capable of making the most of the worst situations and was always the first on and last off the dance floor (usually whilst still wearing her wellies). She also loved animals and our home was always filled with pets.

“During lockdown, mum would be out in the garden at 6am waiting to photograph the wildlife and it warmed my heart to see her enjoy that time as it was the closest she got to retirement.”

Sharon passed away on November 28, 2020.