A CAMPAIGN has been launched to give children across Dorset computers and laptops to help with their remote school work during the UK's third lockdown.

Announcing the closure of schools during efforts to reduce the Covid spread, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said children who did not have access to digital devices would still be allowed to go in to learn in classrooms alongside the children of key workers.

However, many low-income families do not have the facilities to get their children to school, or the finances to pay for resources for home learning.

In response, Wayne Ingram, 51, a paramedic from Portland, is now working with the Veterans Hub and All Saints Academy to provide Dorset students in need with the equipment.

Mr Ingram said: "If you have any old computers and useful equipment lying around the home, bring it to the hub."

Mr Ingram said the motivation behind the project comes after he said every child deserves the best chance at education, which he understands has been difficult during the current Covid-19 climate.

"I have two daughters and I would always want the best for them," he said.

"A lot of families cannot afford these devices - so I want to help as much as possible.

"Mr Ingram said another benefit to the project could see hundreds of electrical devices being alleviated from landfill."

Education sec Mr Williams said children from low-income families were described as 'vulnerable' if they didn't have access to a laptop, or had no space to study properly at their own home.

Around one million children across the UK are expected to be in the new, wider category, which has reportedly been in place since the March lockdown.

All Saints Academy principal John Cornish said: “The recent lockdown has meant the vast majority of students are once again working at home during these challenging and unprecedented times.

"While the Department for Education has released a further allocation of laptops to all schools, even the revised amount will not be enough to equip every child that needs one with a device at All Saints Academy, and other schools across Dorset.

"Nearly 30% of our pupils are eligible for free school meals and many pupils are currently accessing remote education through a shared device or via a small screen smartphone.

"We would be very grateful for anyone who is able to donate functioning laptops that are in good working order to the Veterans Hub so we can re-condition them and pass them out to students as quickly as possible.”

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to even commit to schools reopening by summer, instead saying he hoped they would be able to return after the February half term but a decision would be taken nearer the time.

People can take in their devices to the Veterans Hub, on Portland Road, every day.

If you would like to donate equipment, contact Mr Ingram on: 07527826950