There is so much gloom about with Covid that when I saw the MP’s column focusing on the future, I hoped Chris would write about the benefits that will flow from Brexit.

We hear so much about the down side! But all he mentioned was increased access to fishing stocks and a £100m scheme to replace the Erasmus programme for young people.

Why oh why don’t our leaders promote all the good things that will impact on our lives as a result of Brexit? We need to hear something beyond slogans on sovereignty (which surely is not the same as power or influence).

Come on Chris, as the “only West Dorset candidate at last year’s general election who committed to deliver Brexit”, now is the time to tell us how Brexit will improve our lives.

How new money will flow in to improve the NHS, education and other public services. Apart from fish, what exciting trading opportunities will replace those that we have lost? Let’s really have some Focus on the Future.