Once again our councillors are failing us.

We were first promised millions of pounds of savings if we joined with West Dorset council, and just as we thought the savings were on the way, we then were persuaded to become a unitary authority with further savings of millions of pounds.

Christchurch was the only council to see sense and voted against it but was overruled.

As far as I can see only a number of councillors (at the top as usual) have benefited.

So this year we are having all the usual excuses trotted out about why the tax will be over 6 per cent.

Then there is the police asking for more money for extra police officers; where are the ones promised by the PM?

The council should sell off the the underused and empty buildings they seem to have lots of, first, and stop finding ways to make us pay more so they can enrich their offices as they are doing.

Who owns the redundant Weymouth council offices for example?

Weymouth could have sold it for six million pounds years ago and now it costs a fortune to sit there empty.