Having seen yet another report of people breaching Covid regulations (in London, 400 strong wedding party broken up whilst in Dorset, there are frequent visitors to beauty spots, and a police officer contracting Covid because they were spat on) one has to ask if these people are living in another dimension?

Just what will it take for people to understand lives on are the line in the UK?

Of course it’s hard to stay at home, and it can cause significant stress and mental health problems to arise BUT is that more important than your actual life?

This whole pandemic might well have been over by now if people just did what they were told and I am tired of people blaming Government or other local authorities for their own failure to abide by the laws of the land.

It’s not open to interpretation and it isn’t hard to understand: Stay at home unless you have to work, shop or collet medication and we MAY just come through this.