The mischievous act (Monday’s Echo p2) seems to be Dorset Council’s determination to take down the STAND banner in South Street, and to limit public involvement in a local plan which sets the shape of Dorset for years to come.

Dorchester Town Councillors say the plan is “flawed” and “out of date” (Echo 6th January) but Dorset Council is pressing on with a window of just eight weeks for consultation.

Can you really consult people on massive housing proposals in such a short time during lockdown, with no meetings, no public gatherings, no exhibitions of plans.

I question the legality of this - a flawed, out of date plan pushed through by a council meeting virtually.

We deserve better than this.

I am hugely concerned by the prospect of a development half as big again as Poundbury - with less public involvement and consultation. Dorset Council must listen, review the plan and consult properly.

Think back to Leon Krier’s Master plan for Poundbury - we knew it was strange but we were getting high quality development from a trusted organisation - the Duchy - by a quality local builder, with social housing, industry and employment.

Compare it with the plans for “Norchester” - a beautiful stretch of countryside adjoining the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, close to the flood plain. A consortium of developers including Persimmon Homes and no of mention local firms.

It’s all starting to look like a disaster waiting to happen. I would urge everybody to look at the plan and have their say.

The future of our town depends on it.