I note that the school housing project is coming before the Planning Committee in the next few days and as expected that the minerals have been dismissed as irrelevant.

1. The school site was not included in the Mineral Safeguarding Area MSA, but this has been admitted as an error by the Mineral Planning Team, as national policy and guidance advices that urban areas should be covered.

2. The MSA policy and guidance does not precluded prior extraction being applied to areas outside the original MSA area, so the error could and should have been rectified as suggested in the Mineral Planning letter dated 21st July 2020.

3. Albion Stone could have already extracted this area if we had been given permission and would be willing to agree to a strict timetable, ideally three years but could work with two years, but anything would be better than sterilising this vital resource for the island forever.

Demolition can take place whilst we extract and backfill, so it is unlikely that it would cause any delay and they would get income form royalties from the stone.

It does seem to be completely illogical that we cannot extract these stones.


Albion Stone, PLC Portland