I welcome the long overdue presentation of the plans for the redevelopment of the North Quay site.

Whilst I might have wished for something more imaginative and innovative for such a beautiful site I can accept the proposal.

We are promised passive house designs so let us ensure that happens. But, please let’s not hold things up.

I am equally pleased that the site of the now redundant bowling site has been included, providing much needed affordable town centre homes.

I hope that enhancing this currently drab area of the town will encourage other town centre property owners to do likewise.

The way we shop was changing and the coronavirus has hastened that change.

Towns must respond to that change or crumble and die.

However, I am extremely concerned that no provision has been made on the North Quay site for public parking.

The viability of the harbour both business and leisure relies upon adequate parking nearby.

MV Freedom who expect delivery of their new purpose built boat shortly requires parking nearby for it’s clients.

We have already lost a big car park at the other end of the harbour. There are great small independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

Holy Trinity Church provides cultural and community events, as does the Old Town Hall and Weymouth Museum.

The aspiration to get us all out of cars and walking, cycling and using public transport is laudable but just not feasible.

You can’t take an outboard on a bus! Nor can the bus accommodate a group of elderly people from the door of a care home to the pontoon.

This is a great opportunity for a ‘shot in the arm’ for the South Harbourside, let’s not spoil it by forgetting that many people need to use a car to get there.

Please, join in the conversation, add your views , fill in the consultation paper, and if you are unable to go on-line, write a letter.


Wyke Regis