THREE Coastguard officers have been injured after they were hit by a 'freak wave' during a storm.

Waves battered Chesil Beach on Saturday night, causing water and debris to run into the streets.

Large crowds gathered to watch the storm.

HM Coastguard were called to the scene to stop people from getting too close to the waves.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard said: "We received a 999 call at 8.10pm on Saturday reporting a number of people on the sea wall watching an incoming storm at Chiswell on the Isle of Portland.

"The Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team attended to provide safety advice and to usher people from the area.

"While at the scene three members of the coastguard team were injured due to being hit by a large freak wave. One of these was seriously injured and was taken to hospital by the South West Ambulance Service for treatment.

"We would urge people to think carefully about the risks they take and be extremely careful during bad weather – piers, rocks, harbours and the water’s edge are not safe places to be.

"If you see anyone in trouble call 999 and ask for the coastguard."