Well done to Councillor Alistair Chisholm and the STAND banner hung in South Street, asking us all to tell Dorset Council of what you think about 4000 extra houses.

Here is what I think: The proposed development of 4,000 new houses to the north side of Dorchester is a massive threat to everything of value including the local infrastructure.

Dorchester is a town steeped in agricultural heritage, but it is being robbed of the very resources that matter here most.

We have massive challenges to face, and in the face of climate change our planners - those in Government and those who serve in local Public Office need to recognise the true worth of our green belt landscape and should be focusing on sustainable land management.

Our natural environment is our most precious inheritance and it is in all our interest to hold our natural environment in trust for the next generation.

Our soils, our climate, our weather, the air we breathe, the food on our plates and the landscape we walk.

I fear for the future of Dorchester. I hope everybody tells Dorset Council what they think.