Having had my NHS letter on Saturday I tried to make my appointment online as instructed.

The only available choices of venue were in Yeovil, Poole, Boscombe or Exeter, all 30 plus miles away and not in the Dorset County Council area.

Why is this?

Why is there no mass vaccination centres in Dorset County Council area?

Is it the NHS responsibility or the local council to provide somewhere more local?

There are many local venues belonging to councils that are closed at this time that would have suitable facilities (i.e. parking, toilets, various entrances and exits and indoor space).

Three I can think of straight away for the Weymouth area are Redlands Sports Centre, Moonfleet Indoor Bowls Club and Pavilion Theatre. Other towns will have their own buildings.

I was given to understand that no-one would have to travel more than 10 miles for vaccination, so 30 plus miles each way is not acceptable especially to the older population, many of whom cannot drive.

Perhaps our local MP. Mr. Drax could stir himself to give me an answer and make it a public answer in the Echo.