The Local Plan is contentious with the North Dorchester development for 4000 houses, which we feel is too large.

Our view is that new plan should be linked to local need. We believe the new plan should focus on the requirements and needs of local residents, using the Housing Register as a guide, not by Central Government imposing quotas and encouraging second homeowners.

Remember that not all residents looking for property are on the housing register.

At present we only have the Sept 2020 figures for West Dorset.

A total of 2055 people were on the housing register in West Dorset including 699 in Dorchester town in need of homes.

In Dorchester this includes:

*Single person needing one bedroom flat 304.

*Couple needing one bedroom flat 84

*Family needing two bedroom flat 198

*Remainder 2/3/4 homes

As you can see, more than half (388) are looking for 1 bedroom flats.

Also there is a desperate need for social, affordable rented housing.

As private rents are extortionate, we have asked for up-to-date figures at the next Full Council meeting to give an accurate assessment of the current needs.

All the large brownfield sites in Dorchester town are gone, so other large sites are needed.


Chair, Dorchester & District Labour Party