Kay Butler’s reaction to the plans put forward for the redevelopment of the North Quay site seems to me a touch over the top (Letters, 2 February).

‘Horror and dismay’ would be more appropriate for describing some human tragedy, rather than building designs.

But then taste in art, architecture and literature is a very personal thing.

One person’s glass and aluminium masterpiece is another’s bland monstrosity.

The Community Fire Station stands out because it sits on a drab stretch of road in the midst of nondescript bungalows and houses, I am sure it functions extremely well, but thousands of similar, presumably computer designed buildings, can be found all over the country, as ubiquitous as Poundbury-style developments.

It is certainly not great modern architecture.

The North Quay site is a sensitive one and has great historical resonance, being once the medieval heart of old Weymouth.

It seems to me that considering its context (putting to one side some of the post-war flats looming over it on Chapelhay) the suggested proposals are the most suitable for the site, providing a unity in style with the rest of the Weymouth harbourside.

Kay might be happy for a clone of the fire station to be put there but I doubt it would be an improvement.

But of course, such matters are highly subjective!


Albert Terrace, Portland