I read that 30,500 homes are to be built in Dorset.

How many of these homes will house local residents, often born and bred in Dorset, and in desperate need of a secure home in which to raise their families?

We all know these new builds will go to second home owners and speculators wanting to do “holiday lets” and “buy to lets” at prices locals cannot afford.

Yes the builders will promise social housing but once planning permission has been granted will renege on their promises.

We have a crisis looming and it appears no one seems to want to address it.

We have working families, with children, that will struggle to pay the increase in the cost of living such as food, heating, petrol and council tax. Yet these families, and it is the private renters that I particularly have in mind, are already having their rents increased.

Many of these renters already pay almost half of their income in rent, with council tax on top.

I have two grandchildren who in the last few months have had their rent increased, one twice.

Their choice is pay up or no repairs will be done, or move out.

What choice do they have but pay up.

A contact has told them if evicted they will be put in B&B, which could be many miles away from their children’s school and their place of work.

These families are unfortunate enough to live in a low wage area. Where is the social housing they deserve? I repeat, they are working families.

The knock on effects of Covid will leave many young families, through no fault of their own, struggling to pay their already exorbitant rent. The social housing crisis already exists and will only escalate in the very near future.

Failure to address this will see many families in dire straits. Young children already disturbed by the Covid lockdown will have their lives even more disturbed by homelessness which will involve the inevitable move away from school and friends.

All this talking and “consultations” just avoids the real issue. There is not enough social/council housing for those that cannot afford to buy.

Politicians should act now.

Stop talking and start sorting the escalating problem out.