Why is Dorchester Town Council still proposing to press ahead with the expenditure of some £1.8 million of council tax payers’ money on the enlargement of the Corn Exchange?

Of course, the roof must be replaced to preserve this listed building, costing close to £1m. However, it seems bizarre that a further £1.8 million is to be spent on an unnecessary “vanity project”.

Dorset Council is looking for tenants to occupy surplus accommodation in South Walks House.

This is a modern building that should meet all current standards in terms of thermal efficiency, DDA compliance etc. Why has Dorchester Town Council not considered the option of sharing this building with Dorset Council? It could even save money by so doing.

Instead, it is pursuing a plan which does not provide full accessibility, and proposes to install a biomass boiler in an area of poor air quality. It will be borrowing money to fund it.

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the town cannot be overstated. A walk down South Street tells you all you need to know.

DTC should be prioritising use of its substantial financial reserves on helping the town recover from the economic and social fall-out of the pandemic, and keeping tax increases down for hard pressed residents.

Pushing ahead with a project that will do nothing to help the residents of Dorchester recover from the consequences of Covid 19 suggests councillors are living in a fantasy world.


Fordington, Dorchester