In addition to the excellent letter from Ron Kirby (9th Feb) regarding smart motorways.

I read a piece in one of the national tabloids regarding hands-free cars using the so called “smart” motorways and on the next page was a letter from Dr Alan Billings South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner calling for them to be abandoned as they are unsafe and dangerous.

I have to totally agree with him.

I think personally it will be a disaster waiting to happen. It was suggested that the driver could text, watch a film and god knows what else as the car hurtles down the road.

Have they learnt nothing? I have no idea why I took my HGV, CPCS, and advanced driving qualifications to see this hairbrained scheme even mentioned, I obviously wasted my time.

I have seen some of the carnage on our roads caused by a lack of concentration.

Why can’t the powers to be see the dangers right in front of them? I despair..


Easton, Portland