Hooray for the investigative journalism of the Guardian (9 February 2021).

They’ve discovered that ‘the Queen’s Consent’ has been used to vet over 1,000 pieces of legislation, including pressure on Ministers to change a potential law on road safety so as not to apply on Royal Estates like Sandringham.

We all remember the Duke of Edinburgh’s car crash and then being caught driving around the Queen’s Norfolk estate without a safety belt on several days later.

Usual exception for some because of their Royal status.

It’s time to end pre third reading Queen’s Consent as an arcane procedure that has no place in a modern democracy, along with so many other precedent based practices.

I’ve always been a confirmed republican who questions every aspect of Royal privilege.

The monarchy is an institution well past its constitutional sell by date. Democracy in this country demands radical reform to grow its citizen potency.

We should be only ‘subject’ to collective decision-making- ‘subject’ is a dated and outworn concept.


Mill Lane, Charminster