DORSET Police are highlight the dangers of online grooming and child exploitation during Covid-19 lockdown.

The current national restrictions mean children and young people are likely to be spending more time online.

To help keep young people safe and protect them from offenders who might attempt to target them online, police have collected information to support both parents or carers and young people to spot the signs of online exploitation.

There are certain measures parents or guardians can do to help protect children from online exploitation.

These include checking games content and features, remembering to use privacy and parental controls, turn location settings off in mobile apps, and making an agreement with your child about time online and stick to it.

Signs that indicate a child needs help include talking about older/new friends they have met online, talking about gifts/money they received online, becoming withdrawn and secretive, or having a new phone or more than one phone.

The Children’s Society offer more information on risks, staying safe and spotting the signs. Visit: