WE all know that Pokémon cards are absolutely timeless.

They took over school playgrounds in the 1990s as children frantically collected and swapped in a desperate bid to 'catch 'em all'.

With the franchise's 25th Anniversary celebrated this year and YouTube Star Logon Paul spending millions purchasing cards, the prices of some of them have skyrocketed.

As it turns out, some are going for quite a bit of money.

These are the most valuable Pokémon cards according to research from ManySpins.com, who trawled through hundreds of cards currently for sale for the highest price on eBay to determine the rarest and the one that is selling for the most:

  • At an eye-watering £300,000.00, the 1998 Holo Trophy Parent and Child Tournament Kangaskhan is the most expensive, and rarest card up for sale on eBay
  • In second place is the Shadowless First Edition Charizard with a price tag of £46,000.00
  • The Shining Charizard also lands in the top 10 with a selling price of £27,500.00