A runner tried to break through a safety cordon set up so a controlled explosion could take place.

Coastguards said the man became 'aggressive' after being told he could not enter the closed off area.

The cordon was set up after a suspicious object, later identified as some old military flares, were found on Weymouth Beach on Sunday afternoon.

A Royal Navy bomb squad was called in to investigate and it was decided to blow them up (video from Coastguard below).

A spokesman for Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team said: "The full team were paged at 2.10pm to reports of ordnance on Weymouth Beach. Once on scene the item in question was identified and photos passed to Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD). With an expiry date suggesting the flares were over 30 years old EOD decided to attend.

"We set up a cordon to protect the public whilst awaiting their arrival. This cordon was extended to include the promenade shortly before the controlled detonation of the ordnance.

"Whilst this was in progress a member of the public running on the seafront became aggressive towards one of our rescue officers. He wanted to continue along the closed section of promenade.

"Just to clarify, it is an offence to obstruct an Emergency Services Worker going about his or her duty and we are protected by this Act in law."

The spokesman added: "A successful controlled explosion removed the potential danger and team members stood down at approximately 6.40pm."