I read the story about Mr Harris and his vaccine difficulties and thought, how many more people are having trouble booking a local venue?

I rang 119 and was told that the Atrium Health Centre was fully booked but I could travel 40 miles to Yeovil and back if I wanted to book straight away.

Otherwise to ring back in 48 hours.

Why is it my husband who has the same surname, same age, same doctor, and with no underlying health issues was vaccinated at the Atrium Health Centre on February 7th with no trouble at all.

His appointment was booked through the doctor’s surgery.

People who have been vaccinated for some time have now become quite blasé and do not adhere to social distancing in supermarkets.

Don’t they understand that not all old people have been vaccinated yet? So much for the government saying the system is working well!


Kingsbere Crescent, Dorchester