The people of Dorset love their beach huts and their sheds.

They expect to enjoy their spare time whether on an allotment or at the beach.

But (in Bournemouth) we hear of beach huts vandalised and sheds broken into.

This is just another sign of the antisocial behaviour and low level crime which has become far too frequent.

Why has this happened? In my view, there are four clear reasons and these need both short and long-term solutions.

We have the most fantastic young people here in Dorset but we also have some who start off with anti-social behaviour (ASB) and then descend towards criminality.

To deal with crimes of this nature, we need a clean break with the past and to work towards four clear objectives:

1. Having a Police and Crime Commissioner who understands the needs of the people of Dorset and the importance of coming down firmly on ASB.

2. Dorset and BCP Councils should continue to have everyone’s safety as their top priority.

3. We need to forge a strong community - one which binds us together and keeps us all safe.

4. The last is hardest – we need to revolutionise how we set out boundaries for our young people.

When a head teacher says to me that eight year olds are acting out as drug lords in the playground, then we know we are storing up a problem.

So, we need to instil values in the education of our children early enough and in a way that creates the morality to be a good person for the future.

No goal is more worthy and I am optimistic that we can all work together to create that better future for Dorset.


PCC Conservative Candidate