A BREAST cancer survivor is showcasing her creative work which shows her journey of healing.

Victoria Jardine, a ceramicist, has created the 'Wound Series', which depicts her journey of recovery after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The work is on display at Dorset County Hospital and can be viewed online.

Victoria, who lives near Sherborne, has created 'mended' pots to show her piecing herself back together after she had an immediate mastectomy and reconstructive surgery following her diagnosis.

Victoria said: "My pots are autobiographical. A constant making and remaking of myself. A particular expression of my humanness that I find impossible to communicate by other means. So, after mending physically from my surgery, it was through these pots that my emotional healing began.

"In Kintsugi, the intricate and painstaking Japanese Art of repairing pots with gold, the mended pot is considered more beautiful and precious than the original piece. It has a unique narrative of renewed life.

"In 'Wound Series' I used rich and beautiful materials that expressed my own emotional wounds in this positive light, by bleeding emerald glass or bronze glaze.

"But a needle both pierces and mends, so the slim Victorian knitting pins, and fine copper thread, speak about the intricate and painstaking craftsmanship of surgical repair and also of emotional repair."

Suzy Rushbrook, arts in hospital manager at DCH said: "Healing through creativity is such a valuable process and wonderful when the results are so breathtakingly beautiful.

"We are hugely proud that Victoria has chosen to share her work and very personal journey with us.

"We are not encouraging people to visit the hospital at the moment as we usually would, but cancer treatments and chemotherapy have continued here throughout the pandemic and it is really important to show these positive journeys of recovery to both patients and staff."

Arts in Hospital is a small, charitable organisation based at DCH with the aim of supporting patients and staff through therapeutic art projects that have medical and social benefits and to hold collections of life affirming artwork to create a healing environment.

Victoria's 'Wound Series' exhibition is available to view online at dchartsinhospital.org.uk