A DEDICATED and popular hospital porter has died from coronavirus.

Krzysztof Gogolewski, who has worked at Poole Hospital's maternity unit for 12 years, died on February 16.

The 63-year-old became ill several weeks before his death and had not received the Covid vaccination.

Now touching tributes have been paid by his family.

His daughter, Marta Saganowska, told the Echo: "A lot of people knew him and loved him. He was helping the hospital to deal with Covid-19 and now he has died from it."

Krzysztof, who lived in Baiter Park in Poole, leaves a wife, Margaret, and three children, Marta, Dominik and Bartosz.

Marta said her father tested positive, followed by her mother and her grandmother, who lives with them.

"My dad was positive first, then my mum got Covid as well, then my grandma who is 80. My grandma didn't have any symptoms.

"My dad then started to feel ill like he had flu and every day he got worse. He had a temperature of 40 degrees and his breathing became very bad."

The family called an ambulance and Krzysztof was taken to Poole Hospital, where he works as a porter.

His wife also works at the hospital in the sewing room in the uniform department.

Marta added: "At first he had an oxygen mask, then he was put on a ventilator. He stayed in Poole Hospital for one week before he was moved to Salisbury before he died.

"He was one of the best. He loved his work and put his whole heart into it. He helped to fight Covid-19 and now the same disease took him away from us.

"He struggled with Covid for over a month. He was only 63-years-old. It has affected many people. I love my Daddy very much and I cannot accept his death."

Margaret, who spent 36 years with Krzysztof, said: "We were always together and he only had two-and-a-half years to retirement. We were both looking forward to it so much."

She said she is now recovering from coronavirus and that her mother is well.

The family thanked all those who have contacted them to pay tribute to Krzysztof.