I thoroughly endorse Gerald Duke’s stand against the idiotic plan to spend an awful amount of cash on installing a biomass boiler in Dorchester’s Corn Exchange.

This plan has been fulminated on the presumption that burning wood is a ‘renewable’ source of energy. It is not.

If the Town Council had done its homework instead of listening to salesmen, they would never have considered such an illogical step.

Everyone with half a brain knows how important forests are to our survival.

Views of the destruction of the Amazon forest are appalling.

But, this country’s current purchases of wood pellets to fuel these appliances are helping to turn thousands of acres of forest in Estonia into lifeless dirt.

What’s more, this planned biofuel monstrosity will inject over three times as much carbon dioxide into the air as the natural gas it will replace.

Great news for Greta Thunberg!

Who approved this project?

Our very own Dorset Council panel of climate change experts!

I offered to help them out for free with my 30 years’ experience in the coal, gas and oil industries including research chemistry, chemical engineering, boiler manufacture and fuel development but they said I couldn’t do that because I’m not a councillor.

So, there we have it!

The message to our children is: ‘Don’t bother to study for knowledge, become councillors and know everything’!

Sod common sense!