A DOG 'running loose' on a Weymouth road jumped up at an elderly woman and a child - before biting another woman's hand, police have said.

A family including a man, woman and two young children were walking in Queensland Road, in the Westham area, around 10.30am on Thursday when they came across a small black Terrier-type dog running loose on its own.

Police said the dog was barking aggressively and at one stage tried to get to another dog in a garden.

The dog then jumped up at an elderly woman who was walking her dog, which is said to have left her clearly upset.

After jumping up at one of the children from the original group, the woman of the family tried to look at the dog's collar for its details. It allegedly then turned around and bit her hand causing puncture wounds.

It is believed the dog is called Scruff.

The owner has now been identified.