I think readers will find it is Ian Bruce who is confusing issues relating to the proposed 4,000 home development in farm fields north of Dorchester (Echo letters 23rd Feb).

These homes and the other 26,000 across rural Dorset were the number demanded by the government’s “mutant algorithm,” a planning by computer free for all for the shires, abandoned by housing minister Robert Jenrick in December.

In its place came a new priority of development on urban and brownfield sites and increased building in the north and Midlands.

Housing in rural areas needs to support our villages and local economies. We should not be planning for 4,000 homes north of Dorchester.

These are not my words, but those of West Dorset MP Chris Loder and I hope Dorset Council is listening.

They seem to be stuck on out of date government advice and unable or unwilling to change their plan.