SUSPECTED electricity cables hanging down from an electricity pole near a school sparked a call-out by firefighters.

Crews from Bridport Fire Station were called to land in Pymore, near Bridport, before 11.50am on Friday, February 26.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that Western Power Distribution workers were carrying out maintenance on a cable line and used orange jumper cables.

Firefighters created a cordon around the electricity pole and made sure the scene was safe until it could be handed over to Western Power Distribution workers.

A spokesman for Bridport Fire Station said: "One appliance from Bridport was mobilised to electricity cables hanging down onto the ground near Pymore close to the school.

"On arrival it was found that Western Power Distribution were carrying out maintenance work on a cable line and were using these orange jumper cables.

"Although this can look dangerous it is perfectly normal for when companies like this are carrying out work on electricity cables.

"If you are in any doubt though, it is always better safe than sorry and we will investigate any concerns"