Richard Samways will no doubt have noticed since his letter (24 February) that more than 50,000 voters have signed a petition to end the Queen’s Consent and refer the whole matter to the relevant Parliamentary committee for further consideration.

He might not be aware that of the 1,060 cases of parliamentary legislation referred to the Queen and Prince Charles at least one changed the terms under which Poundbury residents could purchase their properties from the Crown and Prince Charles.

Doubtless they would have something to say about that!

The monarchy has no business in becoming involved in a 21st Century democracy.

It is no good Mr Samways quoting the Dutch and Swedish monarchies which are far more modern and liberal. Can you see the Queen shopping in Waitrose and Tesco?!

But it isn’t just our monarchy that goes to make up our rotten political system.

A massively over large and unelected House of Lords, the lack of a Written Constitution, the disproportionately elected House of Commons and a country not organised in a properly devolved, federal system.

The nonsense of the Honours System. The financially unfair way party politics is drawn up. All these have added to the farcical way in which our ‘name only’ democracy is organised.

Amazingly a revolution never happened in Britain. In the 1650s we enjoyed a republic in which our navy became feared on the high seas under Admiral Blake and in which this country vied with the Dutch for global domination. However, we’re now in the 21st century and the need for change is pressingly urgent.