Ultimately, it’s a sad fact of life that all farmers have to pay the bills. We are buying energy, there is no choice about that, but the traditional cost of that energy is continually rising.

So, the big question is,

‘how can we reduce the overall cost of our energy, and stop the continual price rises?’

The key point for farmers to remember, is that they could actually invest in renewable energy to reduce their energy bills in the long term.     

Dorset Echo:

But, what many farmers may not realise is that by installing renewable energy solutions such as solar PV, renewable heating, battery storage or solar thermal, it could actually be the best investment they will ever make. With solid payback periods of 5-6 years, ongoing energy security and a potential 40 year lifespan on solar PV systems for example, it increasingly makes economic sense to consider the change.

Making the right decisions can actually be good business for your farm. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be sustainable, we just need to play our part with a hugely increased sense of urgency.

Dorset Echo:

At Caplor Energy, we’re passionate advocates of renewable energy and have many years’ experience of specialising in the design, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of renewable energy systems for farms across England and Wales, helping farmers achieve their own environmental goals whilst saving money on energy costs and providing excellent returns on investment.

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